This is God's Plan

Aug 30 - Sep 5

This is God’s Plan

August 30 – September 5 Family Devotions
Part 2

This comes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book Children of God Storybook Bible

Week of August 30 – September 5

Theme: THIS IS GOD’S PLAN (Matthew 3, Luke 3)


Jesus’ cousin John wore clothes made from camel’s hair. John lived on locusts and wild honey. He was called “the Baptizer” because he was a holy man who called people to the river to wash them clean of their wrongdoing.

“God wants your hearts to be clean as well as your bodies,” he told them. “Turn your cruelty into kindness, your selfishness into sharing.”

“But how?” the crowd asked.

“If you have two coats, share one. If you have one loaf of bread, share half.”

As he took them into the river, John said, “I baptize you with water, but someone far greater than I will come soon. He will baptize you with the fire of the Holy Spirit.”

Jesus came to the river and asked to be baptized.

John said, “No, Jesus. You should be baptizing me!”

Jesus insisted, “This is God’s plan.”

So John led Jesus into the River and baptized him. As Jesus came up out of the water, he saw the heavens open and the Holy Spirit spread its wings over him like a dove.

A voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son who fills me with joy.”

What is there to stop me from being baptised?
—Acts 8.36


John the Baptist ate bugs and honey. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to eat?

When do you think is a good time for a person to get baptized?

Family Project

Pray: God, thank you for loving us and always wanting what’s best for us. Help us to live in a way that makes you happy and proud. Amen.