God Begins Again

August 16 - 22

God Begins Again

August 16 – 22 Family Devotions
Part 1

This comes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book Children of God Storybook Bible

Week of August 16 – 22

Theme: GOD BEGINS AGAIN (Genesis 6-9)


Before long, people started fighting and hurting one another terribly. God wept that they were not enjoying the lovely earth he had made. Finally, he said, “I must make a new beginning. I will send a flood to cover the whole earth.”

But one man named Noah was kind and did what was right.

God told Noah to build a big boat called an ark. Then God said, “Gather all your family and two of every kind of animal, bird, and insect.” God sent the rain, and Noah led everyone into the ark. For forty days and forty nights it rained so hard that the water covered even the highest mountains.

Boy, did it smell inside the ark! And the noise! The ROARing and the BAAing, the NEIGHing and the MOOing! But—amazingly—everyone got along. Yes, even the lion lay down with the lamb.

At last the rain stopped. Noah sent out a dove in search of land. When the bird returned with an olive leaf, Noah and his family cheered. Noah thanked God for saving them.

God told Noah, “I promise not to send another flood to cover the whole earth.” And God made a beautiful rainbow so people would never forget his promise.

I find joy in your promise like someone who finds a priceless treasure.
—Psalm 119.162


Describe the coolest, most amazing rainbow you’ve ever seen.

Why are you excited to see a rainbow in the sky?

Do you remember God’s promise to love us and protect us?

Family Project

Pray: God, thank you for loving us and protecting us. And thank you for rainbows—your beautiful reminder of the promise.