What Real Community Looks Like

Nov 1-7

What Real Community Looks Like

November 1-7 Family Devotions
Part 2

Week of November 1 – 7



All the believers were devoted to the church community and they kept showing up to participate… listening to the church’s teaching, spending time talking and laughing and praying together, having dinner parties, and gathering at the Lord’s table for communion.

Honestly, it was pretty great! There was a sense of joy and wonder among the people. So many good things were taking place… God was with them and they even saw miracles happen.

They shared everything they had and took care of anyone who had a need. Their generosity was unlike anything anyone had seen before.

The believers worshiped together with one voice, in unity.

People started to notice what was happening in the church – how there was so much joy and generosity, how quick they were to help when anyone was in need. Even those who weren’t believers had to admire what was taking place—it was obviously something special.

And God just kept adding more and more people to the church, every single day.

“Don’t spend all your time thinking about yourself – what you want and what you need.

Be sure to think and care about others, because they have real needs too.”
—Philippians 2.4


What does the word “community” mean to you? What were some of the things that made the first church really stand out in terms of community? What are some of your favorite things that give you a sense of community in church today?

Family Project

Talk about some ideas of ways your family can add value to your church community.