We Can Trust God to Take Care of Us

Nov 1-7

We Can Trust God to Take Care of Us

November 1-7 Family Devotions
Part 1

Week of November 1 – 7



Be very careful—you never want to put all your trust in powerful
and important people because even the greatest leaders will
fail and go away.

But those who put their trust in the Lord will have great joy!
God is the one who created the heavens and the earth and the
sea—and everything in them. And there is something about God
that you should know…

He always keeps his promises! What promises?

He promises to give justice to those who are mistreated.

He promises to give food to the hungry.

He promises to let the prisoners go free so they can start again.

He promises sight for those who are blind.

He promises to help those who have fallen down in hard times.

He promises to protect the immigrants and widows and orphans.

Why? Because he loves his people!

The Lord is our king forever. He is good and faithful and will always be taking care of you.

“Happy are those who have the Lord to help them and who depend on the Lord their God.”


Have you ever put too much trust in powerful or important people and then been disappointed when they failed you? How does it make you feel when someone breaks their promises to you? What do you think of the list of God’s promises?

Family Project

Think of some people you know who might need God’s help right now – maybe because they are hungry or lonely or have been mistreated or are sick. Pray together as a family that God would be the help they need… and ask God if there is anything you can do to help too.