God Heals the Sick

Sep 27 - Oct 3

God Heals the Sick

Sep 27 – Oct 3 Family Devotions
Part 1

This comes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book Children of God Storybook Bible

Week of September 27 – October 3

Theme: GOD HEALS THE SICK (Luke 5)


One day, a man rushed up to Jesus and threw himself on the ground. People were pointing and shouting at him to go away, because his skin was covered with big, ugly sores and bumps. They were afraid they would catch his disease if they touched him.

“Lord, if you are willing, please heal me,” he pleaded. Jesus reached out his hand and touched him, “Yes, I am willing.”

The man’s disease disappeared.

Another time, there was a man who could not walk, so his friends carried him on his bed to Jesus. When they reached the house where Jesus was teaching, there were so many people they could not push through the crowd. The lame man’s eyes filled with tears knowing he would never walk again.

“It’s okay, just take me home.” “No,” one of his friends said. “We won’t give up on you.” So his friends climbed up on the roof of the house, took some tiles off, and lowered the bed until their friend lay right in front of Jesus.

Jesus was amazed by the faith of this man and his friends. “You are healed. Get up and walk.” The man stood up, took one step, then another, and danced home praising God.

Lord, heal me, and I will truly be healed. Save me, and I will truly be saved. You are the one I praise.
—Jeremiah 17.14


Tell about a time when you were sick and prayed for Jesus to make you well.

Family Project

Talk about health issues in your own family and even among extended family and friends. Make a short list of needs and pray for God’s healing touch for each one.