Digging Down to Go Up

April 19-25

Digging Down to Go Up

April 19-25 Family Devotions
Part 2

These short devotions are from Sally Lloyd Jones’ book “Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing.”

Week of April 19-25

Theme: Digging down to go up


2 Corinthians 4.17
“For our present troubles… produce for us a glory that vastly out-weighs them and will last forever!”

Do you ever feel like nothing good is happening in your life?

When a skyscraper is built, what’s the first thing the builders do? Dig a huge hole. Wait. They’re going the wrong way!

For years, the construction site is just a hole in the ground. It looks like nothing is happening.
But the builders would tell you they are laying the foundation—the part you don’t see that keeps the tower from falling over. The higher they build, the deeper they must dig.

They are digging down to go up.

And the Bible says God will use even the bad things—which won’t last‚ to do something good, to build something beautiful in us that will last forever

He is digging down to go up.


What was the tallest building you’ve been inside? Did you go to the top floor? Did your ears pop in the elevator?

What are some bad or difficult things you are going through right now?

Do you think God could use it to do something good, something deep in your life?

Family Project

Pray together and ask God to work his good in our challenges.