Being Bird Watchers

April 19-25

Being Bird Watchers

April 19-25 Family Devotions
Part 1

These short devotions are from Sally Lloyd Jones’ book “Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing.”

Week of April 19-25

Theme: Being Bird Watchers


Job 12.7
“Ask the birds of the sky, and they will tell you.”

Did you know God wants us to be bird watchers? He says to us:

Look at the sparrows: they are not very important and yet I love them and know all about them. How much more must I love you?

Look at the ravens: they don’t sow or reap. They have no barns or pantries. Yet I feed them. How much more will I look after you?

Look at the storks: they go away but they always come home. Be always coming home to me!

Be like the little birds who know their Heavenly Father loves them and will take care of them.

Be like the birds who look to me for what they need at the proper time—look to me for EVERYTHING!


What other birds have you seen (besides sparrows, ravens, and storks)?

What is the biggest bird you’ve seen?

What is the tiniest bird you’ve seen?

What is your favorite bird?

How can we be more like the birds in trusting God for everything?

Family Project

Go on a bird-watching walk. Listen to the different bird calls. Try to see as many different birds as you can. Maybe even take pictures try to look up online what kind of birds you saw on your walk.