In The Doghouse

April 26-May 2

In The Doghouse

April 26 – May 3 Family Devotions
Part 1

These short devotions are adapted stories from Pastor Brian’s writings.

Week of April 26-May 2

Theme: In the doghouse


Hebrews 13.5
Since God assured us, “I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,” we can boldly say, “God is there, ready to help; I will not be afraid.”

Hi, it’s Pastor Brian from NWLife Church. Did you know I used to work at an animal hospital? Yes, sure I did, for almost 10 years!

Most of the time when I worked there, I was in the back part of the hospital where there weren’t many people around but there were lots and lots of animals. My job was to clean kennels and give all the cats and dogs (and sometimes guinea pigs and bunnies and goats) their food and water. I also had to give them baths!

Even though I was surrounded by all these dogs and cats who were barking and growling and meowing and hissing, I could still sense God’s presence there with me. Sometimes, I would even whisper a prayer or think about how good God is.

God is present, with us, even in the most unexpected and unlikely places. Yes, even in the doghouse, God is there! God is with us in every place and every situation. He’s with us on the mountaintops and moments of victory and he’s with us in the deep dark valley of defeat. He’s with us wherever we are.


When do you think about God the most?

Where is your favorite place to whisper prayers to God?

Do you think God forgets about us when we aren’t thinking of him?

Family Project

Pray together: Jesus, thank you for being WITH us. Help us to sense your presence and hear your voice everywhere—even in the unexpected and unlikely places. Amen.