God Made Us To Love Each Other

July 26-31

God Made Us To Love Each Other

July 26-31 Family Devotions
Part 2

This comes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book Children of God Storybook Bible

Week of July 26 – 31



God breathed the breath of life into the first person and called him Adam. He put Adam in a beautiful garden called Eden, where there was every kind of delicious fruit to eat. Adam could play all day long and eat whenever he was hungry.

But Adam was lonely.

God said, “My child, it is not good to be alone.”

So God brought all the birds and animals to keep him company, but Adam said, “I need a proper friend.”

“Yes, you are quite right,” God said, and put Adam into a deep sleep. When he awoke, Adam saw that God had made a woman.

“Wow!” Adam said, his jaw dropping in amazement. He had never seen anything so beautiful and so wonderful

Her name was Eve, and she would be the mother of all people. Adam and Eve laughed together and loved each other and were happy in the Garden. God smiled when he saw their joy. He told them to have children so that love and happiness could spread over the whole earth.

To the fatherless he is a father.
To the widow he is a champion friend.
To the lonely he makes them part of a family.
To the prisoners he leads into prosperity until they
sing for joy. This is our Holy God!
—Psalm 68.6


Have you ever been lonely? What made it better?

Do you think there are people who are lonely today?

What can we do to help them know they are not alone and they are loved?

Family Project

Plan and have a family “help someone know they are not alone and they are loved” project – whether as simple as writing a card or making a phone call or even visiting with someone who is alone.