When The Church Is Generous People's Needs Are Met

Nov 15-21

When The Church Is Generous People’s Needs Are Met

November 15-21 Family Devotions
Part 1

Week of November 15 – 21

(Acts 4.32-37)


This new church was growing in surprising ways – the people were all very different from one another (some were rich and others were poor, some were dark skinned and others were light skinned, some were loud and others were quiet), but they were all unified in purpose… they all loved Jesus and wanted to love their neighbors too.

They weren’t selfish at all. In fact, they shared everything they had. The message of Jesus was preached, and more and more people believed. Miracles were happening every day!

God’s grace was with them in a powerful way.

Because of their care for one another and their selfless generosity, all the needs were met. There were no needy people in their community.

Sometimes, when believers had extra land or houses, they would sell them and bring the money to the leaders of the church so even more people could be helped!

“Don’t be concerned only about your own needs and interests, but also care about the needs and interests of others.”
—Philippians 2.4


Tell about a time when someone was especially generous to you. What did they give you? How did it make you feel? Tell about a time when you were especially generous to someone. What did you give them? How did it make you feel? How do you think it made them feel?

Family Project

Have a clean-up and organize day (maybe for toys or clothes or sports gear or electronics). Come up with “extras” – things you really don’t need and can give to someone who could use them. Enjoy being a generous giver!