God Promises A Wonderful Blessing

August 2 - 8

God Promises A Wonderful Blessing

August 2 – 8 Family Devotions
Part 1

This comes from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book Children of God Storybook Bible

Week of August 2 – 8



Abraham was sad because he and his wife, Sarah, had no children. God told him to pack up everything and go to a whole new land to begin a whole new life. Abraham trusted God, so he and Sarah left their home and began a long, hard journey.

They wandered through deserts, up and down mountains, through
green pastures and dark forests, constantly longing for a home of
their own filled with happy children. They wandered for so many
years they grew too old to have babies. One night, God said, “I
am giving this land to you and your children and your children’s

“God, you must be joking! Sarah and I are too old to have chil-
dren!” Abraham said, stroking his long white beard.

“Trust me, my child,” God replied, “look at the stars in the sky—
your children and your children’s children will be as many as those

Abraham thought, “How can that be?” But then he remembered
that God always keeps his promises. And so Abraham trusted God.

Then God smiled and said, “I will bless you and your children so
you can be a blessing to all the people of the world.”

Since you belong to Christ, you are Abraham’s children. You will inherit all of God’s blessings because of the promise God made to Abraham.
—Galatians 3.29


Have you ever experienced something that seemed impossible but surprised you by actually happening and being such a blessing to you? Tell us about it! What did God say to Abraham about the blessing he was giving? Hint: I will bless you and your children so you can ____ __ ____________ .

Family Project

Sing the Father Abraham song together. Discuss some ways you can bless others with the blessings God has given you—then go do it!