A Prayer Meeting that Shook the Ground

Nov 8-14

A Prayer Meeting that Shook the Ground

November 8-14 Family Devotions
Part 2

Week of November 8 – 14



As soon as Peter and John were set free, they ran back to the other believers and told them about everything that had happened. At first, everyone celebrated that Peter and John were free and in good health.

Then, all the believers began to pray together, saying, “Lord, you’ve heard how the leaders threatened us—so we ask you to give us courage and boldness as we share your good news with everyone.

Please God, do what we can’t do… heal people, restore people, and save people in the name of Jesus!”

This prayer meeting was unlike any other. It seemed as if the whole place shook and they were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit as they went out to preach good news with great boldness.

“Rejoice in this hope we have. Do not give up when trouble comes.

And never let anything stop you from praying.”
—Romans 12.12


What is prayer time?

Is there a special time when we are supposed to pray? Can we pray at any time?

What do you think are God’s favorite prayers to hear?

Family Project

Write a simple – one or two sentence – prayer together. Put it somewhere everyone can see it (like on the fridge) and be reminded to pray it.